Wainui & Makorori Beach Tsunami Plans

NOTE: In the event of a local tsunami event Wainui and Makorori residents should avoid driving if at all possible. With only 20-30 minutes to get to high ground the highway will become jammed if all households try to drive to Makorori Hill or Winifred Street. Take pets if possible but don’t waste time trying to gather precious items. Saving lives is the priority!

The 1947 local tsunami event was caused by an earthquake that went on for over a minute but the shaking was hardly noticed at the beach. Prolonged shaking earthquakes are potentially the most dangerous for generating big waves.

Evacuation Plan for Wainui from Murphy Road to Wainui Surf Club
Evacuation Plan for Okitu from Wainui Surf Club to Sirrah Street
Makorori: There is no plan. Automatic evacuation of all houses.

LOCAL TSUNAMI (The Worst Case)


GDC CIVIL DEFENCE 867 2049 EXT 8435 Tsunami Contingency Plan